Sunday, October 21, 2012

I’m a little behind with the next two posts. C’est La Vie. :)

Not too much going on around here this week. I got a new (used) car which I absolutely love. Its a 2009 Scion XD. It's perfect for the dogs and for taking little trips with David. It should work too if I still have it come time for babies (not for a while yet). I didn't really want it until I test drove it and then I fell in love. It was a great experience because the salesman could have sold me a more expensive car but he knew that this one would be perfect based on what I told him. He was a really nice guy and we talked about animals and random things while we waited for the loan application to go through. I really felt like John (the salesman) was looking out for me. I initially went there to look for a Honda Fit but he kept telling me that vehicle didn't rate very well in terms of safety. Good thing they didn't have any of that model. He showed me the doge caliber, scion XD, chevy HHR, madza something, and a few others. I decided to test drive the scion, HHR, and caliber. We started with the scion since it got the best gas mileage and although it was really cute I didn't think I would like it and wanted to get that test drive out of the way first. I didn't drive another car. Its so smooth, responsive, and I'm already getting twice the amount of miles per gallon than I was. I love driving it around which is important because I drive between 30-50 miles per day. I'm so excited because it has an auxiliary jack so I can hook up my iphone and play MY music. FINALLY. I have been so sick of the radio, playing the same 15 songs all day long regardless of which station. I'm currently patiently waiting while my love (David) is creating a delicious steak dinner. He's the best cook ever, I may be biased but I think its true. There's football on in the background which I don't care for but I'm going to have a glass *or two* of wine and watch cartoons later so I'm content. 

I've saved enough money up to do my kitty's surgical biopsies to try to determine if she has IBD or lymphoma. I'm really nervous about it, I know she will be fine through the surgery but I'm afraid to find out what is going on with her. It's been a very slow illness, most of the time she is fine. Whatever the condition is, it's causing a vitamin B deficiency so maintain on vitamin injections has been working very well. Otherwise my boss would have just done the surgery immediately but I want to be able to pay the clinic and she's doing fine so waiting was ok. Even though I have a car payment I am saving so much in gas we are also going to take a mini-vacation (one or two nights) to Miami and explore the area, play on the beach, relax, and spend some much needed romantic time together. We've been there a few times and love going. Once we just spent a few days there playing on the beach and checking out fancy hotels but another time we went to a beautiful Spanish monastery. The building is beautiful as are the gardens.  If you are ever down there you should definitely check it out:

I'm pet sitting a lot this month so I know the vacation will be an amazing reward!


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